About Our Boats

Our 44ft Ocean yacht (Three Queens III), is fully air conditioned however, there is no air conditioning on our Bertram (Three Queens). Both vessels are equipped with plenty of shade on the fly bridge and cockpit to protect you from the direct sun rays. 

Our 44ft Ocean Yacht can accommodate up to 20 passengers plus captain and mate however we fish a maximum of 6 lines at one time. The 28ft Bertram can accommodate 6 passengers plus captain and mate and we fish a maximum of 5 lines off this boat.

Yes, Three Queens has one bathroom and Three Queens III has two bathrooms. 

One of the most important things needed is enough shaded seating area for everyone. Though you probably plan on getting in on some sunshine, you'll want to be able to hide from it too. Our Ocean yacht offers air conditioned cabins. While this can be very nice, shaded areas with open air ventilation are sufficient for most. Both boats also have a flying bridge (upper deck) where there's even more shaded seating. Another thing to consider is that boat size and comfort (or stability) aren't necessarily the same thing. Boat balance and hull design plays a big role. Both the Bertram and the Ocean yacht handle the choppy seas very well.

Our 28ft Bertram can accommodate up to six persons.  Groups of more than six will require our 44ft Ocean yacht.

Yes. Both boats are equipped with adequate supply of type I life jackets for both kids and adults as required by our licensing authority.