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Yellow Fin Tuna fishing, just off Nassau Harbor.


If you are in for a fight of a lifetime,  you may want to try fishing for Tunas in the waters off Nassau Harbor in The Bahamas. These guest of Paradise Island are proud to display what was probably the greatest fight they've ever had in trying to land this big Tuna. Obviously, they had little help from the shark which decided to help itself. Of all the Tunas caught by this couple, on this day, this one is definitely the most memorable.


Wahoo or Barracuda, which would you prefer?


When you really want a hard hitting fish, then you need to fish with Three Queens Charters during the winter months for the Wahoo. This fish can run up to 45mph and is usually found in schools. These three guys were able to capture two Wahoos and one Barracuda while fishing with Capt. Rolle on Three Queens just north of the Atlantis Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas. The Wahoo is typically found along the drop off in about 160-250ft of water along the coastline. In most cases, we are fishing no more than half a mile offshore.


Even your kids will enjoy our fishing trips in the shallow reefs off Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Bottom fishing with the boys

These two brothers along with dad, took a break from the busy Atlantis Hotel for a half day at bottom fishing with Captain Rolle on Three Queens just northeast of Paradise Island, Bahamas. What a day they had catching snappers, grunts, strawberry groupers, parrot fish, etc. You name it and they caught it. When their wrists were tired we headed back for Nassau Harbour and on to Atlantis.

Lady filled with pride with her first Dolphin.


This beautiful lady, a frequent guest of Three Queens Charters, is proud of her first dolphin. We enjoy her company as much as she enjoys fishing. This catch keeps her coming back year after year in search of the bigger one.

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